Oakden Baptist Church

Upcoming Events

  • Aug 03

    Richmond Wandera: Compassion

    Join with us to hear from former sponsor child and world renowned speaker Richmond Wandera. His story of hope and transformation and his remarkable childhood and life experiences have impacted people all over the world. For more information, visit www.compassion.com.au/richmond

    Starts: August 03 @ 6:00pm

  • Aug 03

    Discover Jesus – Sunday Course

    The Christian faith explained. What really happened back in the first century, in Jerusalem and around the Sea of Galilee? What happened that changed the shape of world history? Who is this figure that emerges from history to have a profound impact on culture, ethics, politics and philosophy? Discover why we trust that Jesus is […]

    Starts: August 03 @ 9:00am

  • Aug 12

    Cosmic Chemistry – Prof. John Lennox

    Prof. John Lennox is coming to Adelaide!  Prof Lennox is a professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science, best-selling author, international debater and spokesman on the fusion of science, philosophy and religion. He is the author of several books including “God’s Undertaker: Has science buried God?” and has debated atheists ranging from Victor Stenger […]

    Starts: August 12 @ 7:00pm

    Ends: August 12 @ 9:00pm

    Address: Bonython Hall
    The University of Adelaide/ North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5005

  • Aug 15


    Friday 15th August – Amazing Race (4-6pm)

    Starts: August 15 @ 4:00pm

    Address: 215-233 Fosters Road, Northgate

  • Aug 22

    Young Adults Winter Camp

    The next Young Adults Winter Camp is coming up this August 22nd-24th at Adare House, Victor Harbor. We’re going deeper… learning to love better… and growing to know Jesus more… We are a group of young people saved by grace seeking to worship Jesus for the rest of our lives. If you’re between the ages of […]

    Starts: August 22 @ 7:00pm

    Ends: August 24 @ 2:00pm

    Address: Adare House, Victor Harbor

  • Sep 19


    Friday 19th September – Master Chef (4-6pm)

    Starts: September 19 @ 4:00pm

    Address: 215-233 Fosters Road, Northgate

  • Oct 31


    Friday 31st October – Free Family Night Concert featuring “Sean W. Smith” (6-8pm) – a night for the whole family

    Starts: October 31 @ 6:00pm

    Address: 215 Fosters Road, Northgate

  • Nov 28


    Friday 28th November – Water Blast (4-6pm)

    Starts: November 28 @ 4:00pm

    Address: 215-233 Fosters Road, Northgate